Age appropriate shorts aka non-booty shorts

It's summer. It's hot. You like shorts, but need a little more coverage than you did in your 20s. No worries, I've got you covered (literally).

Denim Shorts:

The Extra High-Waisted 7 inch and the OG came highly recommended. The OG specifically for those with athletic thighs. I have owned and loved the Parker Long Shorts for two summers now, and they are perfection.

Athleisure/Linen Shorts:

The Women's High Rise All In Motion came highly recommended. I have also included my go to bike shorts, the Elation 9 inch short. The Lululemon Align shorts were a recommendation from TikTok. The girl who posted about them (I wish I could tag her) said she loved them because she felt like they didn't squeeze her legs like most bike shorts.

I will link all of these on my LTK in case you are on the hunt!

If you are not sure which shorts to be buying for your body type, let's chat! Book a free 15 minute style consultation.

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