Jewelry Trends 2022

Updated: Feb 10

Jewelry used to be so much easier when all you had to do was throw on a big statement necklace and go, right? I completely agree, but let me show you a few new jewelry trends that will keep you feeling "in style" and "put together" this year.

Pearls: varied styles, sizes, and color combos

Stylist tip: Try combining your pearls with different types of necklaces for a more layered look.

Links: Pearl and chain bracelet ,Pearl and chain necklace , Mini Pearl Hoops , Pearl Climber Studs, Asymmetrical Necklace

Silver Metal: think edgy

Stylist tip: Don't be afraid to mix metals. It is okay to wear silver and gold together!

Links: Paperclip Chain Necklace , Midi Hoops ,Chain Bracelet ,Chain Necklace , Set of 3 Bracelets


Stylist tip: Mix and match with your higher end pieces.

Links: Beaded Drop Earrings , Beaded Bracelet Set , Beaded Multi-strand Necklace, Beaded Hoops , Pull-cord Bracelet , Bead and Pearl Choker


Any shape, size, or material. The (hoop) world is your oyster.

Links: Medium Gold Hoops , Thick Teardrop , Rhinestone Hoop , Mixed Media Hoop , Twisted Rope Hoop ,Tortoise Hoop, Chunky Small Hoop

Enamel: a decorative coating applied to metal.

Stylist tip: Add a piece of enamel jewelry to your look for a pop of color.

Links: Butterfly Huggie Hoops , Stem Scatter Necklace Set, Enamel Rings, Enamel Hoop Earrings, Enamel Bracelet , Chain Enamel Choker

Always remember that trends are not here to stay, so do not go throwing away your entire jewelry collection just to add items that will more than likely be outdated at some point in the near future (only to return ten years later, but I digress...). Instead, pick a few pieces that speak to you. Add those to your collection and mix and match them with your current pieces.

If you need any help knowing how to use jewelry to finish your outfits, let's book a free 20 minute style consultation!

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