What to wear when it's still winter, but you want it to be spring.

You know that part of the winter, when you are no longer excited to wear sweaters and boots? That time is now. So? Let's switch things up a little shall we?

A maxi dress with a leather jacket. To stay extra warm, wear leggings underneath. They won't show because the dress is floor length. You could also layer a sweater or a blazer over your dress.

Links: Dress , Jacket , Boots , Necklace

Next try stripes and a different kind of layering. Throw your sweater over your shoulders. It is the same level of warmth as wearing a scarf.

Links: Jeans , Shirt , Sweater (old), Sweater (similar) , Headband

The last tip, may be the most obvious, but sometimes you just need a little inspirational reminder. Swap your chunky sweaters for lighter fabrics, bonus if it is floral! If it is still too cold where you are, throw your leather jacket, cardigan, or blazer over your lighter/floral shirt.

Links: Jeans , Blouse , Blazer , Boots

As always, if you need help pairing outfits, let's chat! Fill out the style quiz linked below to book a free consultation.

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